I have paid for the betting picks in advance. When am I going to receive it?

If you have paid for the betting picks in advance, then you will be one of the first to receive it as soon as it is ready. The forecast will be sent within the period of delivery.

I have paid for the tip. Next to the timer, it is written: “Delivery of betting picks”. When will it be delivered?

The betting picks will be delivered within that period. The minimum possible time between the beginning of a competition and sending it to your email is one hour.

One free replacement in case of defeat. What does it mean?

If the current betting picks do not win, you will receive the next ones free of charge. This rule is applied only once for every paid betting picks.

I have paid for the betting picks, but I have not received any message from your support confirming the payment. What should I do?

This is not a compulsory stage, so please do not worry. Our confirmation of payment is just a notification.

What should I do if I have never received my betting picks?

First, don’t worry! There can be 3 causes of that: the betting picks have not been prepared yet; you paid after the beginning of the event; or the betting picks for today have been cancelled (it can be caused by cancellation/postponement of the event). Our support will assist you around-the-clock.

What is the better way to bet? With what bookmakers? What stakes?

This is up to you only. We can offer you to study our theoretical materials; they contain a lot about the principles and betting strategies.